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FJ-2*500 Simple Narrow Metal Slitting Lines Shearing Machine

FJ-2*500 Simple Narrow  Metal Slitting Lines Shearing Machine
Product Detailed

1. easy operation
2. high production ability and high quality
3. low noise and energy consumption
4.10-15 sets per month.

      Technical parameter! Material of processible coiled plate apply for carbon steel plateδ b≤450Mpa; Thickness of coiled plate δ=0.5—3mm; Width of coiled plate slitting 850mm; Precision of slitting   width tolerance ±0.02mm; Slitting speed 0—30m/min ; Loading capacity of uncoiler machine(feeding machine) 3.5T; Coil I.D 450-510mmmm; Coil E.D ≤850mm; Knife pivot diameter of slitting 120mm; material 40Cr; Slitting  blade 120×220×15; 10pcs Material of slitting blade 9CrSi; Hardness of blade: HRC58°—60°; Recoiler I.D 508mm; Power 380V three-phase electricity 50Hz; The main components & damageable component in electronic equipments is accordance with GB stipulation;  II.       Composed Devices Discharging machine                   loading capacity of  3.5T This is composed of bottom stand, frame, conical discharging tray, manual pushing machine, etc.   Guiding (peer to peer) device This is composed of worktable frame, guiding pole, adjustment device, moveable plane plate, etc. Slitting machine Power part: This is composed of power-stand, 400decelerator, motor:11KW, gear distributing case, coupler, spindle, connecting-cover, etc.  Host machine: This is composed of bottom-stand, fixed torii,, knife pivot(120mm, 2pcs), knife pivot lifting and pressing down adjustment device, accompany of  blade, separating cover, rubber band. Waste selvage device This is composed of frame, waste selvage axle, waste selvage tray, friction wheel, accompany of strap wheel,strap Damping device for preliminary dividing& pressing This is composed of frame, preliminary dividing axe, torii, pressing axe,  damping device, lifting and pressing device for pressing axe, pressing frame, dividing axe, accompany of dividing slice, separating cover, etc. Recoiler This is composed of frame, big bearing-stand, recoiling axle, recoiling expansion device, expansion recoiling plate, moveable supporting arm, accompany of deceleratorJZQ650, speed adjustable motor: 30KW, etc. 7.   Electric operation system


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